As a major handler of rubber, R.H. Keen has the responsibility to weigh and sample its products, insuring a rigorous testing for quality. In fact all three companies–Keen, Colley and Dock Lift–collectively handle the port’s rubber accounts, dealing with brokers and importers as well as tire manufacturers, and work together to guarantee the quality and safekeeping of its customers’ orders.

Typically, once cargo is placed on the dock, crates are opened to check the correct weight of the freight.
Rubber samples are also sent to
laboratories to verify product quality.

Alongside rubber, E.C. Colley in 1992 was also handling the majority of the Port’s plywood supply. Since its forklifts were already used in its warehouses, employing the same personnel for plywood was a natural transition. The underlying difference now was that E.C. Colley was providing the client with a total package–from sampling, freight forwarding and documentation to dock lift services and storage. Moreover, with half a million square feet of warehouse space on four wharves at Market, Orange and Celeste Streets and its newest location at Earhart and Claiborne, Colley could assume complete control of and supervision over all its clients’ products.To further enhance its operation, E.C. Colley purchased a fleet of 18-wheelers which enabled the company to expedite freight from the wharves
to the warehouses.

It is no secret that E.C. Colley knows how to service its clients. And don’t think others have not taken notice. Essentially through word of mouth firms outside the lumber and plywood industry have uncovered and requested the services of this organization. As a result, beginning in 1995, E.C. Colley began handling other commodities such as nails, twine, fence post and wire. As to what lies ahead for this dynamic firm? If there is a need, whether it be storage, inspections, stripping or sampling, this group will be there.

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