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The importance of each company–E.C. Colley, R.H. Keen and Dock Lift Service–is the unique division of its operations, but more significantly is the comprehensive nature of Colley Warehouse and what it can mean to you. As freight forwarder or customs agent assistant, E.C. Colley can oversee the total operation of your cargo. In its warehouses, each pallet and container has its own label and number which corresponds to computerized master sheets, thus eliminating loss and confusion. In fact, every client’s cargo, whether warehoused or transported, is documented, verified, inspected, and sometimes repackaged, guaranteeing complete protection and care of your cargo.

With over one hundred years of quality skills and the responsibility for handling major rubber and plywood shipments and other commodities, E.C. Colley, R.H. Keen and Dock Lift Service must be doing something right. And what that something is is service. But not just the kind of service to which most others usually offer lip service. Theirs is a service of people.

The simple fact is that the principles which guided R.H. Keen in 1881 are the very ones that still drive the people at E.C. Colley today. The only difference now is that there are more of them around to guarantee that the job is completed correctly . . .
to both your and their satisfaction.

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