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No one can deny it. The American business landscape has dramatically changed these last hundred years. Especially within our technological environment, the mushrooming of startups followed by their sudden folding has become the norm rather than the exception.

But not so with E.C. Colley. Within this corporation are history, family and tradition that can be traced to its early beginnings in 1881. During post-Reconstruction times one man, in particular, was going about the business of laying the groundwork for a small port operation. Little could R.H. Keen imagine how his dealings with the Port of New Orleans would translate into three overlapping enterprises and all with unlimited possibilities.

However, less than a century later, in 1971 a great nephew, Eugene Colley, Jr., would take control of the operation and with his son, Eugene Colley III, continue in the sugar and rubber commodities business. Within ten years, Gene Colley, 32, would assume the presidency of the company his great-great uncle established a century before. At this point in time R.H. Keen would also enter a period of unprecedented growth, beginning with the founding of Colley Warehouse and later Dock Lift Service, Inc.

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