E.C. Colley is the name frequently associated with both Colley Warehouse and Dock Lift Service and the one most familiar to its industry. While all three perform their distinctive functions, they can operate as a single unit, handling an assortment of duties. These may include freight forwarding, (which became a natural outgrowth of its weighing and sampling operation in 1982), to drayage (which evolved from its warehousing operations in 1985). Sampling is still routinely performed wherein containers are brought to the warehouse, their cargo unloaded and the containers returned to the shipyard.

While E.C. Colley stores and arranges for shipment of cargo brought to the port, it can also supervise the loading, inspection and processing of goods either at dockside or at its own warehouse. Colley handles clients’ inventory and assumes responsibility for its inspection. When necessary, repair and reconditioning of all crates and/or cargo are also performed. Cargo loaded onto trucks at dockside, however, becomes the sole responsibility of Dock Lift which also examines the overall condition of its clients’ freight and advises its customers as to its findings.

In addition to these and other services, including the daily faxing of trucks loaded, E.C. Colley also provides railcar siding for its clients. Serviced by the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, Colley has ready access to all major railroad lines, ensuring the timely delivery of all client goods.

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